Tack for Sale

  • Sells: September 21

About This Horse

We will have an assortment of tack for sale at this sale.

Sawbuck and Decker pack saddles, completely outfitted and ready to go
-Balding bits/assorted other bits all rigged up with bridles and reins
-Stock saddles/pads and blankets(including 1 King Brand kid saddle)
-1 Gallagher pack fence
-Rifle scabbards
-Lots of misc tiedowns, martingales, vet supplies
-Lots of head ropes, some new, many used

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44 TW Rd Buffalo, Wy 82834

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44 TW Rd
Buffalo, WY 82834

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Dan Catlin: 406-671-7715

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Cheyenne Seymour: 605-641-0638
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