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Bid Remotely & Watch the Sale Live!

Online video and bidding takes place on Cattle USA. Follow the directions below to get your account set up.


Get Your Account Set Up BEFORE the Sale. We’ll need financial proof to approve your bid requests, this must be done ahead of time.

1. Click to get to the Cattle USA home page. (or click the button or use scan code below.)

2. Click ‘Create Account’ and enter your information

3. Click ‘Proceed’

4. This will take you back to the login page. Use the account information you just created to log back in to your new account.

5. Scroll to find Buffalo Livestock Auction and then click ‘Buyer Approval’

6. Enter your information when prompted.

7. Have Your Financials Ready. The office will need proof of good financial standing and good faith before approving your request to bid. There are a few ways to provide this; have your bank contact us; send us proof of good financial standing, proof of funds, or letter of credit from your bank. You can always call the office at 307-684-0789.

8. Phone bidding is another option. Call the office, 307-684-0789, to get set up for that, as well.

*Buyer approval requests MUST be submitted by the start of the sale on weekdays and by noon on Friday for Saturday sales to be guaranteed approval.

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